i Vote Israel

iVoteIsrael is an issue-based campaign, expressing our desire to see a Congress and Administration who will support and stand by Israel, without endorsing any specific candidate or party.

As Israel enters a crucial period in its history, facing challenges to its security, sovereignty and its very right to exist, we need a President in the White House who will support and stand by Israel in absolute commitment to its safety, security and right to defend itself.

As recent electoral cycles have demonstrated, mobilizing a small yet homogenous and passionate micro-group can be a decisive factor in tipping swing States to win key congressional races and ltimately the Presidency.

Electoral Cycle State Election Margin of Votes between winner and loser
2012 Iowa Republican Caucuses 34
2008 Alaska House of Representatives 1
2008 Minnesota U.S. Senate 312
2005 Virginia Attorney General 323
2004 Montana House of Representatives 2
2004 Washington Gubernatorial 133
2000 New Mexico U.S. Presidential 366
2000 Florida U.S. Presidential 537

Some examples of recent elections decided by a margin of victory of less than 0.1% 

An estimated 200,000 to 500,000 US citizens currently reside in Israel. Of these, a substantial number are eligible to vote in key swing states, such as Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. By mobilizing this never-before targeted micro-group we can be a decisive factor in the 2012 elections, ensuring a Congress and White House who will stand by Israel.

Beyond the direct electoral significance, mobilizing and energizing American voters in Israel will play a key role in influencing the votes of friends, family, and supporters of Israel back in the US; voters whose vote would otherwise be driven by domestic concerns rather than concern for Israel.


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